Fast and detailed evaluations:

In the early stages of an architecture or urban design project, we can quickly generate many design variations to improve the decision process. Our computational methods allow us to deal with a large amount of elements, parameters and influences. The generated results provide both a graphical visualization and a in depth analysis of different criteria like costs, infrastructure or the exposure to light and noise.


Solving impossible design tasks:

Sometimes a good design idea is dismissed, because it would result in a complexity that can not be handled any more. Instead of simplifying the result, Kaisersrot can help to keep and control the complexity from the early concept stage up to the production.

A new level of participation:

The possibility of  incorporating the opinion and demands of every party or person into the calculation leads to a new bottom-up approach in planning. Our results and the whole process are fundamentally different from the classic top-town planning, made by a designer. This creates exciting opportunities for client participation, new pricing models and new environments.

How we work:

Kaisersrot doesn't provide a software that can solve everything. Instead we build up custom software solutions to adapt to each individual design problem. A growing library of algorithms and our 10 year experience allows us to create those solutions quickly.

Since our projects differ in scale, amount of detail and formal expression, we always work closely with our clients to find the right approach.

Hardturm Baufeld B2007__Hardturm_Baufeld_B,_Zurich_%28CH%29.html
OQYANA, World First2006__OQYANA,_World_First,_Dubai_%28VAE%29.html
National Beijing Olympic Stadium 2003_National_Beijing_Olympic_Stadium_%28CN%29.html
Maag Tower Areal2004_Maag_Tower_Areal,_Zurich_%28CH%29.html
Neighbourhood 2001_DesignYourOwnNeighbourhood.html
HD Fair 2009__HD_Fair.html